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Be More Successful With Gratitude

You want to have success in your life. Be

something important, do something that changes the

world, even if only your corner of it. Do you know

how to do it? Or are you stuck, wondering what

will get you there? Chances are, you need a better

plan, and to appreciate your life where you are

now. Let's speed things up for you.

What is success, but an accomplishment of an aim

or purpose? You dream up goals for your life, and

when you achieve them you are successful. The key

first step is having goals that you want to

tackle. Not just ideas, dreams, wishes, which can

get the creative juices flowing, but real goals

with deadlines and steps to get there. If you

don't have these written down, that would be your

first step to success. Know what you want to


When you have a plan, sometimes it just stays a

plan, much like a resolution to join a gym or lose

ten pounds. It sounded great on Jan. 1, but you

have to act on the plan to make it happen. What

could be keeping you from jumping in and getting

things done?

Sometimes it's a fear of failure, or success.

These can keep you frozen, inactive. Or it may be

a lack of belief in your worth, ability,

experience, etc. You may not know what is

hindering your success, but you can circumvent it.

The magic solution is gratitude.

Gratitude is a readiness to show appreciation for

and to return kindness. And gratitude begins with

appreciating all you have right now. You can be

grateful for all you've experienced in life that

has brought you to this moment. You can even be

grateful for all the painful learning experiences

in life, for the lessons you learned.

What does this have to do with success? Well, you

need to combine the two ideas to speed up your

progress. Look first at things you've successfully

completed in the past, as simple as learning to

ride a bike to completing a marathon. Make a list.

Then add to it some current ones. Earned an award

at work, or bought a new car. We all have

countless examples of success.

Now, look over your list of 'Successes', and read

each one. After each say, "Thank you for my

success at (fill in the blank)". Make sure you do

this for each item. Make it fun. Thank other

people who supported or helped you achieve any of

them. Pretend you're giving an acceptance speech.

You may have heard that what you spend your

time/energy on multiplies. So instead of spending

time worrying or complaining about how awful

things are, turn it around and be grateful, for

everything. Especially those things you want more

of. Concentrate on appreciation and you will be

rewarded with more things to appreciate.

Now, go find (or write) your list of goals. Take

the steps to get there, celebrating with gratitude

every small success. Be thankful for the

opportunity to achieve more great things.

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