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Discover the 3 Mistakes That Stop Your Smile Being Unforgettable

It is important in a fast moving world to make a strong impact. With millions of smartphones on the planet it is hard to avoid being photographed when you least expect it. Having a system every day to frame your face in the perfect way means you will make the best impression.

Face powder in a darker shade to your natural skin can be used to highlight your best features. However not everyone realises the tools with which you apply your product makes the difference. The kabuki brush gives the best flexibility for all your cosmetic needs and here's how you can use yours to get the best finish.

Retract the kabuki so half of the brush only is showing and use this to contour under your cheek bones. Suck in your cheeks and put a stripe of colour joining the hollow of your cheek up towards your ear. A concealer product two or three shades darker than your natural skin tone makes a good contrast. In Winter your matte Summer bronzing product can make a strong contour.

Twist the bristles full out on your kabuki and put on a layer of light bronzer or your normal foundation powder to give your neck and face a gentle swirl to give general coverage.

Next with the smallest amount of the kabuki being extended dip the brush into blusher powder and use the tip of the brush on the apples of your cheeks. As you smile brush it in a circular motion up towards your ear. With the excess that is left dust it once over your eyebrows when they are already made up to add a glow.

You now know the right tool is important but the next obstacle is looking after your look throughout the day so you are camera ready. You can refresh your blusher when out without carrying too many products with you. Pick up a small amount of powder on the tip and wind it down to sit in your hand bag and use it to update your make up on the run.

Not many people know how vital the finishing touch is. Finally sculpt your cheekbones by adding a thin layer of highlighter using your kabuki brush fully extended and placing a thumb on the hairs to flatten them into a line. This last application, dusted above your cheekbone, gives the edge to your look so find a highlighter that lasts the day on your skin type.

Now you have the best way you can make your make up look pulled together and sharp. Investing in the right tool such as a great kabuki brush is the first step and you know that using it in the correct way for each product is crucial. This important trick to keep you looking sharp each day is carrying your brush with product already loaded to deliver this freshen up. With this information, you are all set to look even more amazing than you do today.

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