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Have a Little Faith in The Universe

Faith is the bind to manifest more abundance. In times of fear, trials and unexpected perceived circumstances is when our faith is tested the most. Irrespective as to how much you know about psychology, and how much personal development you've done; we will all experience tough times. It does not matter whether you fall down, it is how quickly you manage to get yourself back up again from when you've fallen over.

Life is empty and meaningless. We enter this world with nothing, and with no attachments to stuff. When our time is up, we leave through the same door we entered from. With such wisdom culminating from the adage "this too shall pass" will ensure your faith in testing and uncertain circumstances.

Case in point. Like me, one of my friends eagerly pushes her physical capabilities. She used to run marathons, and lost the momentum to train because life got in the way. As a result, she has weaned herself back into running by participating in a community based running event after work one evening a week. To cut a long story short, she's making great progress, yet there was one evening where she (or rather her body) did not feel like running at all. She (naturally) started to feel a little depressed due to this backwards progress, or what seemed to be such with her sporting performance. Half of the time she was walking, yet her commitment to something tough is to be acknowledged. Taking two steps forward and one step back in quick succession is still progress.

As she had no energy to run back to the yoga studio, and run club was finished later than anticipated; there was a strong possibility that she would be late to yoga, and therefore unable to join her weekly yoga class following run club on the same day. It was tough. With a combination of walking, this friend ran back to the studio as quickly as she could. Although normally a positive thinker, her performance led her to expecting the worst rather than the best. She started to think that all the spots will be taken, and as a result she won't be able to participate in yoga anymore. While waiting at a set of traffic lights on the way back, something changed.

That's right, her attitude to the situation. She started to have some faith that God will move every mountain possible for her to go to yoga after all. The tables turned from negativity to faith. Miraculously, she arrived at the yoga studio tired and sweaty from running, and all of a sudden the yoga teacher asked her if she was here to "practise" yoga, and she said yes. Her mat was laid out for her in the best possible position in the yoga studio.

Miracle, sure. On the other hand, faith produced a miracle. Who would have thought an empty space in the ideal position would become open just like that, despite the room being rather full to the brim of dedicated yogis for another week of practise.

At the end of the class, this friend of mine expressed her most enthusiastic level of thanks with gratitude, and then the teacher went to say "well done, you scored yourself some prime real estate here." Really cool. An attitude of faith brought this prime piece of real estate to her to thank her for her commitment to running again, despite her body not cooperating, and for changing her attitude to one of faith in such challenging circumstances.

Faith works with anything. Whether your bank balance is low, and you're relying on your pay cheque as a reward for serving others to come in so you can meet your financial obligations - faith is key. Also to restore an unpleasant relationship, and you want such a relationship to be pleasant once more.

Faith does not work with everyone and every circumstance, as some people are stubborn with zero compassion for others, and also because the relevant individual has been unconscious for far too long. I see the latter a lot in my natural medical practice. It is awesome that their intuition and/or reasoning has called them to help themselves, yet for some people it can be a little too far into the healing chain. There are some clients/patients I've had to refer onto other practitioners for traditional medical treatment, unless if they saw me much sooner, natural treatment would have been their saving grace sooner rather than later. With faith, miracles are achievable. You just have to believe.

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