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How to Overcome Unresolved Conflicts

Children are faced everyday with pressure. I write this as a person with experience. I will journey back through that maze of emotions that led me to a young pregnancy and motherhood to an abusive situation. The poverty, the shame and the desire to rise above all of it and to small successes leading to greater successes.

Like all children of the time I ran In fields and imagined what my life would be like in the future. I never expected that my innocence was dangerous to me. When I was growing up if a an adult was inappropriate you were to avoid that person.

Unfortunately, many from my generation were taught to tolerate abuse. One of my teacher's said to me at the age of eleven my pants were too tight and I was asking for trouble. I believe that is when I blamed myself for unwarranted attention from older men. It is my fault.

I loathed myself because I had womanly features at a young age. This led me to seek protection from a young man five years older than me when I was thirteen. My life then became a roller coaster of emotions. I was accused of doing things I was not doing.

An early marriage, divorce and four children by the age of twenty. Yes, no matter where your life leads you can rise above your choices to success.

In my case the right mentor at the right time led me to better choices. No matter where you have been at some point you must accept the responsibility of your choices so that you can quit being a victim.

Part of my long journey was to let go by addressing issues directly with people. As uncomfortable as it was at the time it also was liberating. It didn't matter to me anymore who believed me or who didn't. I found that I could forgive and move forward.

I am still a work in progress and I am no longer that hurt little girl and abused young lady. I am looking forward to everyday of my life but my journey to this place has been a long one filled with my own poor choices.

I would suggest a few books for people who like to read that I found helpful. I actually like the disc of Louise Hay, "Heal your Body heal your life" Recently I have read a small book only seventy nine pages from Gay Hendricks "Five Wishes".

I hope that my small exert will inspire people to take care of themselves and do what they need to do. I was recently at an event that stated twelve hundred women still die in domestic violence in a year in the United States. I know people ask, "Why do you stay?" I answer they stay because their self esteem is gone. It took time to bring them down and it will take time to build them up.

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