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Simple Steps to Guarantee Success

This may seem like a bold statement since

everything we read and hear makes it seem like

there's no way to really guarantee success. We

believe that statement as if it's a fact, but it's

not. There really is a way to guarantee success.

How can that be? The reason is success is a

feeling not an outcome. And all feelings (happy,

mad, sad - even success) are always available to

us at every moment.

Most of us have been lead to believe that when we

have x, y & z such as money, the career and

certain things in life then that will mean we are

successful. However, there are many people who

have those exact things and they don't see

themselves as successful. That's because it has

nothing to do with those things.

Our thoughts create our feelings. So if we are

wanting to feel successful then we have to think

thoughts that cause us to feel that way - plain

and simple. Right now most of us have success

linked to a specific outcome whether it's once we

reach a certain level in our careers, making a

certain about of money, or having it all (the

house, the car, the money, the career, the family,

etc.) - we each have our own definition. However,

we are always expanding and growing essentially

wanting more in our lives so that outcome is

always going to be changing. And what happens is

success seems elusive - it becomes something we

rarely or never actually experience (aka feel).

Here's how to guarantee success:

    Redefine Success. Let go that success is an

outcome and start seeing success as a feeling and

part of who you are. Success can be deliberately

choosing how we want to think and feel no matter

what while moving toward our dreams and desires.

Success can be choosing who we want to be and

showing up the best way we know how in each


    Uncover what you truly want. Those items or

outcome you thought were going to make you feel

successful - list them out and then ask why you

want them. Keep asking why for every answer until

you uncover the feeling you are truly after.

Everything we are ever wanting always boils down

to a feeling.

    Deliberately choose to feel those feelings

each day (in question #2). It's our thoughts that

create our feelings so when we decide we want to

feel a certain way such as "happy" then we need to

focus on thoughts that make us feel that way. The

easiest way to start feeling happy is to find

things to appreciate in your life and in your


    Celebrate life. At night write out what you

loved about yourself and what you did that day.

These thoughts are going to help evoke the success

feeling and the more you can give your mind the

evidence of it each night - the more you're going

to enjoy the feeling of it. It can be as simple as

"I got out of bed and choose who I wanted to be

and how I wanted to feel today. "

We can choose to feel successful when ever we want

- it's always an option. That doesn't always mean

we have to feel that way or would even want to

feel that way all the time. Part of being human

and living life is getting to experience all the

range of emotions. But the great news is the

choice is always in our control which means that

we are always the one who is guaranteeing our

Afraid To Take Risks? 3 Ways This Is Holding You


How do you feel when you hear the word risk? Do

you get butterflies in your stomach, start

sweating and feeling uneasy? Or are you calm and

composed when thinking about taking risks? It's

natural to have a mental and/or physical response

when considering the possibility of losing

something. Usually your response is triggered by

the knowledge that taking risks involves leaving

your comfort zone.

Making the decision to leave your comfort zone can

be difficult, even if the risk involves reaching

one of your goals or attaining something of high

value. Many of my clients face this challenge on

the topic of relocation. If you were offered a

well-paying position in your ideal career, but it

was across the country, would you take it? You

always have the choice to decide if staying in the

same place and doing things the way you've always

done them is what you really want. Or if you want

to choose something new and different, that might

even be a little scary.

Working with a life coach can help minimize some

of the fear and anxiety around taking risks, to

achieve the results you are looking for. Taking

calculated risks, that you think through

strategically, can help you progress, learn new

things, and grow. This is absolutely necessary in

order to reach your full potential and live a life

you LOVE! Lets examine 3 ways not taking risks is

holding you back.

False Sense of Security- If you aren't ever doing

anything different, your environment would be

comfortable to you. You probably know just how

much energy, effort, and time you can put into

things to maintain the status quo. But you are not

pushing yourself or accepting the inevitable

change going on around you. Working with a life

coach can help you breakthrough this false sense

of security, and play a bigger game in your life.

You Don't Grow- Doing the same things over and

over again can help you establish a routine, but

there is no progression. You aren't growing and

fully living. Some of my clients have said, they

feel like they've done the same things for the

past several YEARS of their lives. What seemed

okay at first, usually turned out to be a prison

of monotony. At a very foundational level, risk

taking shakes things up and provides interesting


Kills Your Dreams- Living in a sea of sameness

minimizes any passions you may have. A False Sense

of Security + Not Growing = Lost Dreams. This is a

result of not taking action in situations that may

involve some degree of risk. Dreams are great, but

reality is better. The sole purpose of a life

coach is to help you achieve your goals and really

trusting this process will help you turn those

dreams into reality through action.

Now that you know my risk equation, A False Sense

of Security + Not Growing = Lost Dreams, what do

you think about taking risks? Has anything

changed? Can you really see yourself going for the

career, income, and life you want? If you would

like some support around this, I invite you to

consider working with a coach. Don't let fear or

doubt stop you from having the life you were meant

to live!

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