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The Ten To One Hundred Decision Process

Ever made a decision that in hindsight you wish

you hadn't made or had made it differently?

Welcome to life. We all do this numerous times in

life as the future and the consequences of any

decision are not a certainty.

No decision whether a relationship, financial or

career one comes with guarantees that they will

work out as we want, need or hope.

Please keep in mind that just because you make a

decision means nothing. What matters are the

actions you take as a result of a decision. But in

this article I want to focus on the decision

process and not the actions you take or their

outcomes although both of these are critical when

it comes to what decision you ultimately make.

Decision - something that somebody chooses or

makes up his or her mind about, after considering

it and other possible choices.

What to consider when making a decision -

There are numerous factors we consider when we

choose to decide, things like - short or long term

consequences, the pain connected with dealing with

these consequences, fear of making the wrong

decision, the impact of our decision on others,

making decisions when under stress - just to

mention a few of the common or obvious ones.

What should really drive the decisions we make?

-Can you live with the potential outcomes?

-Do you need more or better information before

making a decision?

-Is a decision really the best tactic at the time?

-Do you have the courage to make a decision and

then follow-through?

-Do you really have confidence in your decision?

-Are you making the decision for the best reasons?

-Are there other factors that are impacting our

decision like; guilt, anger, regret, arrogance,

ego needs, other people's control over us or


-Are you making the decision based on pressure

from others?

Why we decide the way we do -

Everyone wants favorable outcomes to their

decisions unfortunately we can't control all of

the factors involved in the unfolding of any

decision. There will always be unknowns that we

either didn't prepare for or anticipate. Any

decision comes with obstacles - some small and

some major but in the end the ability to ensure

the best possible results requires the ability to

manage the obstacles and commit to the decision

regardless of the roadblocks along the way.

In the end we decide what we hope, believe or feel

are in our best interests. Yes, we may consider

the impact on others but most decisions are made

for self-serving reasons.

Why we avoid decisions -

There's an old saying that says - failing to make

a decision is a decision. How true. The major

reason we avoid any decision is the fear of

unknown future circumstances as a result of our

decision and action. We want favorable outcomes

but since we can't ensure these they may cause us

to delay, procrastinate or hope for the best

without a decision.

The 10- 10 - 10 - 100 process -

This process is simple - First 10 - what could

happen within the next ten minutes as a result of

a decision? Second 10 - what could happen within

the next ten days? Third ten - what could happen

within the next ten months? And 100 - one hundred

years from now - what difference would any

decision really make?

When you have to decide - anything - consider this

simple formula and then ask yourself - can I

handle whatever could take place within these time

frames? If yes - go for it. If no - spend time in

contemplation with the elements above.

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