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5 Simple Anger Management Tips

When things or people act in a certain way that is unacceptable by us, we get angry. It is important that we learn how to manage our emotions properly so we can be happier. Here are some things you can do to manage anger.

Do not act when you are angry

To avoid regrets resulting from wrong actions, you must learn not to take actions when you are angry. A lot of people have done things they regretted later because they acted in anger. Anger pushes you to act on impulse without considering the consequences of your actions. Not acting when you are angry is not easy, it takes practice and patience. Train yourself to be calm when you are angry.

Be silent until your anger subsides

This may not be easy, most times when we are angry we use words to express how we feel. People have said things they didn't mean to say. You should learn to be silent when you are angry, you need to keep those hurting words caged up. Staying silent when angry shows you have self-control. Practice staying quiet when you are angry.

Avoid people or issues that get you angry

Total avoidance is a very good strategy in managing anger. Knowing the things that get you angry and deliberately moving away from them is a sure way of avoiding the negative outcomes of anger. This is a good strategy when there is little or nothing you can do to eliminate the source of your anger. You may not have control over the source every time but you can always control your reaction.

Counselling and Self-talk

Seek the assistance of a counsellor, someone you trust and you can freely share your feelings with. Counsellors can be of great help when you have anger management issues. Another good strategy is self-talk. Have a conversation with yourself, get into a quiet place and talk yourself out of your anger.

Engage in activities that you enjoy

One good way to handle your anger is to find an exciting activity that you can engage in. It could be listening to music, reading, seeing a moving or talking to someone I have found this particular strategy very helpful. It may work for you as well.

I hope you found these tips helpful? I trust that if you practice them, you will be able to effectively manage you anger. Do you know people with an anger management problems? Please forward this article to them.

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