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Decisions - You Have 2 Seconds to Decide It Will Change Your Life!

Sometimes in life we are faced with decisions we don't know how to decide on or would rather not have to make. Sometimes these decisions must be made quickly or other situations or occurrences will happen if we don't make a decision. If you are having this problem or wanting to develop other ways to deal with these situations we may have potential opportunities for solutions to help you.

If you are feeling that this is the situation or that there is a pressure that you may need to make a decision then there are other things you may need to think about first that led you to this situation or this instance.

There are some important questions you need to ask yourself before going ahead and making a decision that will change your results. When making decisions you have to think about the situation itself and how it may affect you depending on the results or outcomes or responses.

Sometimes it is important to ask someone else you confide in what they think of the situation or how they would react. Sometimes this is beneficial, sometimes it is not. Remember in the end, it is your decision. Getting feedback from others you trust is not a bad thing but everyone had different things they value and different results they desire depending on the environment.

Timing in someone's life may also be important in making a decision and sometimes you just have to respect that, even if it doesn't meet with your expectations or needs, after all it is their decision. It is how you react to their decision that is important too.

As a good place to get started there are 6 questions below to help you with your decision-making process. We don't have all the answers, guarantee your results or recommend any suggestions, but just suggest you think things through sometimes when making a decision.

1. Is the situation that needs to have a decision made about directly related to your or someone else?

2. Do you know what options you have in making this decision without going ahead and making an immediate/rash decision?

3. Have you asked other's you confide in for feedback or support in making this decision?

4. How will the results of making this decision look to the people around you and affect their situation?

5. What happens if you don't make a decision?

6. Is it important that you make a decision now or is someone just applying pressure to your situation so that you make a decision that may benefit them?

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